Monaco-GP: Hamilton is competing

His new three-year contract with Mercedes seems to make Lewis Hamilton even faster. One day after the official announcement of the renewal of the contract, the World Champion of the competition entered and left at the 1st Free Training at the Grand Prix of Monaco.

Hamilton took 1:18750 minutes for the 3337-kilometer long tour through the main plank maze in the streets of Monte Carlo. For a long time he was almost four tenths fast er than the rest of the field. Just before the end of the one-and-a-half-hour session, Toro Rosso-Youngster Max Verstappen arrived at the best time on an ever faster route, up to almost a tenth of the best time, and improved in place 2.

By that time, Hamilton and many other pilots had already refuelled and thus heavier cars. en-route. Under similar conditions, Sebastian Vettel had been the first Hamilton stalker in the Ferrari. In the last few minutes, however, the four-time champion was still displaced by Verstappen and Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo to square 4.

Rosberg one second slower than Hamilton

It was not yet round to the start-up in the principality for Monaco-previous year’s Nico Rosberg. The second Mercedes pilot was about a second slower than Stallrivale Hamilton and had to settle for place 9 directly behind Kimi King in the second Ferrari.

Faster than the two were Carlos Sainz Jr. in the second Toro Rosso, Lotus Pilot Pastor Maldonado and Daniil Kvyat in the second Red Bull. For the third German rider in the field, Nico Hullkenberg, it was not enough for a top ten position in Monaco. As a 15-year-old, he also had to give in to his Force-India colleague Sergio Perez.

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