More Aero-Updates at Ferrari

Ferrari will bring further aerodynamic updates to the race track at the Grand Prix of Portugal.

The rear of the SF1000 in particular is the focus of further development. Already in Sochi and the Eifel the Scuderia has introduced new components, in Portimao the package is finalized.

To correct the aerodynamic defects of this year’s bolt, Ferrari has developed a series of updates. In Russia and Germany, the top team that has slid to the sixth WM-place has shown, among other things, a new nose, a new rear wing and new bargeboards.

In Portugal, the team wants to complete the package, this time there will be innovations in the rear. In Portimao we will have more updates, especially on the diffuser. This completes our program, which we have rolled out over the past few months,”says Enrico Cardile, Head of Performance Development.

The updates of the past weeks were relatively successful, at least Charles Leclerc was satisfied. The Monegasse was able to go to fourth place in qualifying at the Nurburgring, in the race he became seventh. In Sochi he was able to enter rank six.

According to team leader Mattia Binotto, the updates were not meant to make great leaps in performance, but to confirm the direction of development. Cardile hopes that Ferrari will be reinvigorated in Portimao after the team has been plagued by correlation problems in the wind channel.

“The signs of past races are positive. We hope that this will also be the case this weekend,”said Cardile.”We hope that this will be the case.” We must bear in mind that this year, more than ever, the development is aimed at the coming season.”

Ferrari expects”further improvements in performance”

Due to the strict development restrictions Ferrari has decided to use the tokens to improve the rear. The Ferrari technician declares that the team hopes to achieve the greatest performance for 2021 in this area.

“I say this not only because very significant changes have been introduced in the technical regulations in this area, but also because our car is built like this, Cardile says that we expect a significant increase in this area,”said Cardile.

Due to the stable regulations, it is important for the Italians to catch up this season. Nevertheless, we expect further improvements in performance from the SF1000. It would be very useful if we could at least lead the group against which we are fighting at the moment.”

This explains Cardile’s seasonal goal: Ferrari wants to fight around rank four, but up to now it has been mostly a long way away.” If we look at the World Cup booth, then, of course, seat six hurts. We are aware that this position is not worthy of Ferrari.”