Muller welfare: More than 50% of the diagnoses are wrong

Bayern Munich’s association physician Hans-Wilhelm Muller-WohlWohlfahrt, up to last year also maintainer of the football national team, criticises the many misdiagnoses in sports medicine. The reason for this was that the doctors’confidence in the nuclear spinal examination (MRI) was greater than the confidence in their own hands.

News magazine “The Mirror” said Muller’s charity: “My experience in the diagnosis of muscle injuries in athletes, for example, shows that the MRI diagnosis in more than fifty percent of the Cases are wrong, the core spin pictures are all too often over-interpreted.”

The consequences especially for the federations are immense. Muller Welfare: “Let’s take the muscle injuries from the football pro. As a result of an MRT misdiagnosis, a player is often unnecessarily detained from training for weeks and suffers a huge loss of form. This is bitter.”

Review developments

He wanted to”reconsider this development together with the radiologists and urgently seek an exchange of views and experiences between sports doctors and radiologists,”Muller’s charity said.

The care of the national team had taken over”MW”in the 1995 year. His greatest success with the team was the win of the World Championship 2014 in Brazil. The first round of the tournament in Russia was the end of his career at the National Eleven. Also at the Bundestrainer Joachim Lion, Muller-WohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlheit enjoyed a high reputation.