Nationalized world-class handballers from the Bundesliga

The citizenship policy of Germany’s quarterfinals opponent Qatar at the Handball World Cup has some talking points. After all, only four native katarians are on offer from the hosts.

The goal-throwing is mostly taken over by the former Hamburg-born Montenegrin Zarko Markovic, as well as the exiled Cuban Rafael Capote. But even in the Bundesliga, the naturalization of world-class players is a common practice. The German Press Agency lists some prominent examples:

Oleg Velyky: The Ukrainian who once played for the federal leagues TuSEM Essen, Rhein-Neckar Lions and HSV Hamburg won German citizenship on April 1st. He contested 38 country games for Germany and was one of the expanded cadres of the World Cup. The backroom player died of cancer in 2010.

Andrej Klimovets: The Belarusian cyclist received 2005’s German passport and switched from SG Flensburg to the Rhine-Neckar lions. After 101 missions for Belarus he completed 71 games for Germany and became 2007 World Champion und er Heiner Brand.

Bogdan Wenta: The native Pole applied for German citizenship after 185 games for his home country 1997, so that he could compete 2000 at the Olympics in Sydney. Overall, he came to 50-country games in DHB Dress. In the Bundesliga he ran for TuS Nettelstedt and SG Flensburg Handewitt and was a coach at SC Magdeburg on the sidelines. p>

Talant Dujshebaev: The world handballer born in Kyrgyzstan from 1994 to 1996 is considered to be a world painter. From ZSKA Moscow he moved to Spain, then played in Nettelstedt and Minden and returned to Spain. With the GUS selection, the gifted gamer 1992 won the Olympics, 1993 won the World Cup title with Russia and then became a Spaniard. He won the bronze medal with the Iberians at Olympia 1996 and 2000. He is now a Hungarian national trainer. p>

Nenad Perunicic: The Montenegrin became 2002 at SC Magdeburg Deutscher. For the national team of Serbia-Montenegro he played 141 times. He was not considered for the DHB selection.

Petar Dordjic: The Serb has been playing for HSV Hamburg since 2013 and is, in the opinion of DHB President Bernhard Bauer, a man for the future in the left German backroom.” We have prepared all the ways,”said Bauer. The former Flensburger was in the preliminary draft of the Serbs for the World Cup 2011. Currently he is fighting for German citizenship.
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