Neururer shoots Schalke and FC Bavaria

Peter Neururer has completed a devastating season for his former club FC Schalke 04. The FC Bavaria Munich was criticized by the cult coach for his dealings with Niko Kovac.

Schalke’s former coach Domenico Tedesco and the resigned sports board Christian Heidel got off badly in Neururer’s analysis.” Both Christian Heidel and Domenico Tedesco have made unthinkable mistakes. If there hadn’t been three more blind clubs, Schalke would have made a guaranteed descent,”Neururer told the”Rheinische Post”.

Jochen Schneider as Heidel’s successor and the new coach David Wagner did not create euphoria at today’s Wattenscheid 09 sports board.” Schalke is a different dimension than Huddersfield. Domenico was also very successful in Aue. Christian Heidel is an outstanding man for Mainz 05. But Aue and Mainz are not acorns. Schalke is a different world,”said Neururer.

He himself had the”problem”at his time on Schalke,”that I soon became the great bearer of hope,”explained the football teacher, who acted as coach of the royal flowers from spring 1989 to autumn 1990.” Everyone was hanging on my lips. And if you’re still successful, you’re the messiah, you can do whatever you want. At some point, then, President Eichberg said that I had to leave because I was getting too big for him,”explained Neururer.

The 54-year-old described today’s treatment of trainers in the Bundesliga as”disrespectful”. In this context, Neururer supported Kovac, who, despite his double victory, is not uncontested at FC Bavaria.” Niko has not made a single statement in the media that has harmed the club. He’s completely loyal to the club. And he’s a success, too. And even that is not enough to protect him from speculation. This is the absolute madness.”