New FIA proposal: Mercedes crosses

The FIA would like to try out a new rule for the Formula-1-season 2020: To make the second race more exciting at double events, last Friday the proposal of qualifying races with inverted starting positions was introduced. A 30-minute race would replace the normal qualifying, the starting order would be the reverse WM level.

Next week, teams should vote on it before the FIA World Council has to sign the proposal. However, this will require unanimity among all teams, and Mercedes is against the idea. If the team does not change its opinion, the proposal will therefore be rejected.

The proposal of qualifying races has already come up in recent months, but has been rejected by the Formula One teams. Especially the top teams around Mercedes did not like the idea that they would probably start from the very back, and while Ferrari is supposed to be like most teams for the proposal this time, Mercedes is still against it. Other teams wanted more time to think.

Mercedes has agreed to a handicap

The change of rules would in any case only concern double races, of which only Silverstone is on the calendar next to Spielberg in early July according to the current status. The cars would be firm after the qualifying in the park, the three training sessions would be held regularly.

The FIA wanted to try out new ideas regarding 2022 anyway and now has a test run. But until all teams agree, everything remains the same.

Although the FIA has introduced a 60-percent rule for the corona crisis in order to be able to make major changes to the rules without unanimity, in this case the proposal is not considered urgent, so that unanimity must continue.

Mercedes had already accepted a handicap through the new aerodynamics test rules. From next year, successful teams should be allowed to test less. It is unlikely that another handicap will now be accepted.

On Wednesday there will be another meeting of the Sports Task Force, which is why the vote should go on stage at the beginning of the week.