“New parts, new staff, little hope at Ferrari”

The result of the championship match against Mercedes is sobering from the Ferrari point of view: After six races so far it is after victories 0:6 and the residues in both World Cup totals are enormous. That is why Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto has initiated measures: he has redeployed both key positions in the team and has set a new direction of development.

A new front wing is to be used for the next race in France. The third sector in Barcelona and the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo have shown that the Ferrari SF90 is not competitive enough especially in slow sections.

The front wing update is intended to counter this trend: According to information from”Ferrari is ready to do so, to partially sacrifice its top speed advantage in return to generate more drift on the front axle.

New front wing from France

This means that the new front wing will have larger or steeper wings. The actual “Outwash” concept, which mainly derives the air from the outside and around the front wheels, is however to be kept faithful.

This is not a radical transformation of the vehicle. This will probably take place at the earliest in the season 2020. For good reasons: If Ferrari wanted to implement a new design philosophy during the race year, it would take up a lot of time and money. Therefore, for example, the suspension of the SF90 remains as it is.

Team leader Binotto explains: “We know that we are not good enough at the moment. For the time being, there will also be no changes to the car that could make a decisive contribution to solving our continuing problems.”

New staff in Maranello

Some things are happening with the staff: Giacomo Tortora, who was brought into the team as a specialist in aerodynamics and simulations, Ferrari has already left. Alessandro Cinelli, as head of aerodynamics analysis, has been in the Italian traditional market for even 17 years.

Enrico Cardile, who was initially responsible for the development of the sports car 488 GTE, has risen internally. He has now taken over the project management of the SF90 vehicle. Since February, David Sanchez has been in the Aerodynamics Department.

Furthermore, Ferrari is considering take his former chief designer Simone Resta away from Alfa Romeo and bring him back to the workshop team –but then probably not in the same role as before.

More aerodynamics specialists are to join the team completely new. Ferrari dropped them off at a competitor Red Bull, just like Peter Mlinaric, who switched to Ferrari a year ago as a CFD specialist. In the next step, Marco Adurno is to strengthen the analysis and simulation department of the racing team.