New Turbo: Hamilton fears Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton was impressed by Ferrari’s new turbocharger, which is being used at the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend for the first time.

The Mercedes star believes after impressions from Free Training on Friday, that the Scuderia would have improved its top speed on the straight and is amazed at the pace of Sebastian Vettels as well as Kimi Ruke King: The Ferrari look fast,”explains Hamilton, although he has the two around 0257 and around 1 respectively, 022 seconds apart.

The World Champion doesn’t want to believe this: “Whether they turned their drive on to test – and I suppose that’s the case

We’ll see on Saturday.” Lack of reserves for qualifying was already the biggest problem of the Reds recently, which is why Hamilton also has Red Bull on the bill with two revised Renault hybrids.” At Ferrari, it looks as if they are so much in the eye with them,”Hamilton estimates.”They’re very much in the eye with them.” Hopefully we will deliver ourselves a race.”

Nico Rosberg is less convinced of the possibilities of the Ferrari and puts into play that Vettel may have refuelled and was therefore so far ahead.” And you don’t know how many engine boosters they actually used. Red Bull, on the other hand, completely turned the engine down in the second session “so they didn’t show anything,” the German reckons with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, The Monaco winner in Canada, also in comparison with Rosberg, who was puffed up by 0526 seconds, seemed to be superior to the Monaco winner in Canada, who was able to win in the first place. The fact that he visited the exit zone several times does not bother Hamilton: “If you don’t put enough pressure and you don’t get off the train, you never scratch the limit,” he shows himself unimpressed.” It happened to me a lot when I was testing the boundaries. And a few times I even almost hung in the wall.”

The difference at Rosberg time describes Hamilton as”surprising”and emphasizes to still have reserves. Another 0150-second quicker round he would have already had on the pan, but then dropped off.” I do not know where Nico’s problems were, but he definitely had more difficulties,”Hamilton does not write off his archrivals yet.”He did not come on tours today, but his longrun was fine. But Ferrari seems to have found something with the turbo.”