Next step: Kubica passes exit test

Robert Kubica has taken another small but decisive step towards formula-1 comedy. On Monday, the pole passed the exit test prescribed by the FIA.

The test is to leave the cockpit of the car within five seconds of its own power. Pilots who do not pass this test are not approved by the FIA for official use in a Formula One bolt.

During the test, drivers must wear their complete racing structure including helmet and disconnect themselves. It has previously been speculated that Kubica may have problems with this test because of his multiple right hand operation. When driving, for example, the pole only switches with the left hand. Nevertheless, he was able to successfully complete the test.

Soon to replace weak Palmer?

On Wednesday, Kubica will drive for the first time in a Formula One car of the current generation and take part in the test in Hungary for Renault at R.S.17. Faced with the Swiss gaze, he says, “I want fun and don’t stress. Let’s see how this third test goes in the current Renault.”Kubica previously tested for the French twice already in an old Boliden of 2012.

Should Kubica hit well on the Hungarian ring, a comeback in the royal class is getting closer and closer. Although Renault has already ruled out putting Poland on Jolyon Palmer’s cockpit by 2017, Kubica could be a realistic option for 2018. However, there are still many other candidates who are hoping for the Palmer cockpit.