Nico Rosberg: Formula one must become electric!

Ex-Formula-1 World Champion Nico Rosberg demands that Formula 1 be electric in the future like Formula E. If only electric cars or hydrogen-powered cars are sold everywhere, formula 1 cannot continue to use combustion engines,”says Wiesbaden, who is currently at the World Economic Forum in Davos to talk to decision-makers, In Rosberg’s opinion, maintaining the top class of motor sports on combustion engines, even if they have been supported by electric motors since 2014, would not make sense. I believe that formula 1 has to change at some point.”

The 33-year-old who, since his surprising formula-1 exit at the end of 2016, has been drifting around in the start-up scene and investing in sustainable technologies, even a merger of formula 1 with formula E.

Rosberg does not exclude merger of formula 1 and formula E

“formula E has the rights to race cars with E engines. Since both races have the same owner, Mr. Malone, it may be that they will eventually merge,”explains Rosberg, who, like Liberty Media, has Formula E shares, his approach to the’mirror’.” But I’m not talking about tomorrow, I’m talking about the day after tomorrow,”he relativizes.

A time horizon, how long he thinks the two series will run in parallel, Rosberg does not want to give:”I don’t know. In both races the same manufacturers are largely at the start. The E formula is so interesting for manufacturers because it can still learn a lot for the development of e-mobility.”

It is a pity, however, that the bolts are”currently equipped with a single battery”, because in this area”the greatest development potential”lies. But it is also important that the roots of motor sports are not lost in spite of all the technology and “we see in the formula E gladiator fights as in formula 1”.

Brake threshold against e-mobility drops

Rosberg, however, is noticeable, that there had been a noticeable opening towards electric mobility in the last two years: “Back then, everyone was still circling about electric cars, But today, even the craziest’petroleum-heads’are open to it, and in the meantime, many think it’s cool.”

When did Rosberg use this change of heart? The trigger was my conversations with Mercedes,”he says. At the time I got out of Formula One, I saw that the whole company was moving towards e-mobility. And since I have been looking for a significant new challenge, I have decided to invest in e-mobility and other green technologies.”

It is frustrating that not everything is implemented as quickly in the economy as in formula 1, but it is precisely in this area that the young entrepreneur sees his strength.” There’s a lot of talk, but little happens. That’s why I’m trying to transfer the speed of formula 1 into normal life. This pays off.”

This is how Rosberg drives innovation forward

Rosberg’s goal: to support sustainable projects ahead of their time. Only two weeks ago, he presented CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, a self-propelled shuttle called “Mover”, which can drive sideways and rotate around its own axis. Especially when parking, this offers an enormous advantage because the wheels can turn around 180 degrees.

Rosberg’s contribution? The innovative chassis technology comes from the company TRE (team Rosberg Engineering) founded in the 1990s by Father Keke Rosberg, which is based in Neustadt and has now been taken over by Nico Rosberg.

Together with the automotive supplier Schaeffler, who is also active in formula E, the vehicle was developed, which was not designed for the autonomous transport of people, but also to offer new possibilities in logistics and in the camp.

“In the races I have seen my time after every round. As a start-up investor, you have to wait years for success, if it goes well. But there is, he is proud of the project.