No NASCAR plans: F1 boss counters Ferrari threat

Formula One boss Chase Carey has responded to the criticism of Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne on plans for a new drive regulation from the season 2021 and a budget ceiling.

The American distances himself decidedly from the accusation that he wants to turn the royal class into a global NASCAR series. Carey says, “I don’t want to belittle NASCAR, but we don’t plan to become like this.”

Liberty Media has no desire to standardize the cars and I don’t want 20-identical racing cars on the track.” Formula 1 is unique and combines sporting competition with state-of-the-art technology. We want the teams to build the bolts, which only they can build in this way.”

In the drives, it is just as much as in the chassis to introduce a single component. However, Carey is about to go down a new path.

The credo is: Success should depend on how well the teams invest their money and not how much they spend in total, so that in the end the performance principle continues to decide -however, so that all teams are initially in the draw.” It makes the sport healthier,”says Carey.

“A sport lives on the unexpected”

The old motto”Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”(translated as meaning as much as”Whoever wins races, then sells more cars”) would not stop the ideas, says the Formula One boss.

On the contrary: If more action is offered on the track, the ratings should increase and thus the target group to be reached with motor sports will grow. At the end of the day, the cashier could ring the doorbell for the one who doesn’t win a pot of flowers on Sunday.

With the myth that clean Mercedes could suddenly burn on and off or Haas would drive everything to the ground, Carey clears up: “It will never be the same. Favorites will always emerge, but we strive for everyone to have a chance,”he makes clear, however, he wants to prevent series games and times of domination of a racing stadium:”A sport lives on the unexpected and we want one, who can offer the unexpected.”

Even if a team would like to win every Grand Prix, it would be healthier in the long run if there were more drama.