Noodle praises Schalke-Erzatzmann Ferryman

Keeper Alexander Nzel has praised his rival Ralf Ferrmann at the Bundesliga FC Schalke 04.

“He is still one of the best gatekeepers in Germany for me, he always wants to play. Just as I want to play,”said the 22-year-old of the”Western German General Newspaper”.

“We talk about things quite normally, we also talk about things that have nothing to do with football, We send ourselves in between messages.”Unfortunately for Coach Huub Stevens at the moment the first choice is.

What the goalie duel looks like in the future, however, the end man does not know.” Ralf’s got another six-and-a-half year contract. I’m in the same situation. It looks as if we are also contesting the coming season together on Schalke.”

Unlike a few months ago, when the lack of practice of the game had left a bad feeling open with a change, he can now imagine a stay.” We will certainly have talks. But now I concentrate only on the last games until the end of the season, that’s what I focus on. In the summer you can then sit down in a relaxed atmosphere to see how it goes.”

Schalke 04 in the cellar duel against Hanover 96 under pressure

Niezel hopes that the team of FC Schalke 04 will draw positive energy from this weak season.”The team of FC Schalke 04 This can have a learning effect. For me, in this difficult phase, one also experiences emotions that simply belong and are important for life,”he said.

“This is something that one keeps in memory longer than table number five.”Schalke is in the Bundesliga on the 15. Rank and starts on Sunday (15:30 o’clock) at the table before last Hanover 96.