Ocon sees opportunities for formula 1-stay disappear

Two months ago, Esteban Ocon’s formula-1 future was still rosy. The Frenchman had several offers for 2019, but meanwhile the Racing Point pilot could be thrown out of the driver’s race as a big loser.

I want to go somewhere next year. If that were not the case, I would be very disappointed,”says Ocon before the Grand Prix of Singapore.

The cards just did not go well for the Youngster. Ocon had an offer from McLaren, which he rejected for Renault. Ocon was considered almost safe with the French, but then Daniel Ricciardo took his place surprisingly. Because McLaren is now also dense, Ocon is running out of options. There are still hopes, but they are getting less and less,”he says.

There are not many chances for Ocon anymore. At Racing Point, Lance Stroll is most likely to be deployed, and many teams do not have him as a candidate because of his connections to Mercedes. Only Williams would probably have a place left, but there one is looking for the departure of the donors Martini and Lawrence Stroll, shaking hands for a large dowry that Ocon does not have.

“I am disappointed to see that it is not only results that count,” he says. “I am disappointed to see that it is not only results that count.” I find it hard to believe that two months ago I was still in a great position and things have evolved this way now.”Sportsmanlike, Ocon was supposed to be beyond any doubt: he was a master of formula 3-EM, Master of the GP3 series and has also shown good performance in Formula 1 for two years.

Old rivals now in Topcockpits

The fruits now reaped others: “My old rivals Max (understand), Pierre (Gasly), Charles (Leclerc) – i.e. people I have been running against since day one, now sit in top teams in top cars and fight for podiums and victories,”he says. But of course that only makes me hungrier and makes me give gas every day.”

His colleagues, who he even beat in the junior series, were fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Ocon, on the other hand, has to fight because his Mercedes membership is more of a burden. Some experts have said that the silver arrows should have promoted the French, instead of relying on the easy solution of Valtteri Bottas. But because this did not happen, Ocon now threatens to shut down.

Toto Wolff had put in the room to release his juniors, but Ocon did not talk to Mercedes about it. Instead, we continue to work together to give him a place in formula 1.” We both have the same opinion and want me to go next year,”he says.”I’m not going to be there. The whole Mercedes management is working hard on a solution, but it seems to be more difficult than it should be.”

When is Ocon getting rid of his cockpit?

In addition to all the abundance the soon 22-year-old also has the Damocles value of immediate unemployment. Because it’s still unclear when Stroll will be joining his father’s team. There have already been rumours in Belgium, but Ocon is still at the helm, and in Russia too he will drive according to his own statement.” I have a contract for this year, so I should finish the season,”he stresses.

Last time, the racing point pilot had made a statement to the public and once again explained his situation. I wrote this message to thank the people who support me and then describe how I feel. I always said formula one was my life. The only thing I want to do since I was born is to race.”

And so Ocon is facing a difficult time, because the options are slowly getting smaller. There is no question of him being engaged outside the royal class, and he would only accept a reserve role with toothpicks. But he fights back: “If I don’t have a place next year, I’ll give anything to come back and I’ll come back!” p>