Perez complains: Performance alone does not count in the F1

Sergio Perez faces the best end result of his Formula One career. With his second place in Istanbul, the Mexican has moved on to rank four and is currently Best of the Rest”behind Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. Despite this, the 30-year-old faces the imminent end of his Formula One career.

At Racing Point, he loses his 2021 cockpit to Sebastian Vettel, and apart from that, only Red Bull will give him chances if he is not allowed to continue there with Alexander Albon. P er ez has the sports arguments on his side, in the World Cup he is three races ahead of the season with 100:70 points clear in front of Albon.

This is remarkable mainly because this year Perez had to miss two races immediately due to a coronary infection. In the twelve races in which he participated, he always went to the points.” I didn’t have a problem-free season, a lot of things happened. There were heights and depths,”the Mexican explains at’Sky’.

“We had a good car, especially at the beginning of the season. Then I got COVID and missed two races. That was tough. Then I lost my place [for 2021] and looked for a drive,”said Perez, for which the second place in Istanbul on Sunday was therefore”special”and a”good reward”for a very difficult year.

Perez on the way to record season

Sports has done everything, to drive also 2021 in the royal class. But he knows: “In Formula One, performance is not at 100 percent important. We’ve seen that before with other pilots. There are so many things that matter with a drive and a driver. In the end, it is not in my hands.”

That is why he is currently”not thinking”about how to proceed 2021. He wanted to finish the 2020 season well first and then see what happens. There will be nothing else left for him anyway, because at Red Bull it was recently stated that a decision will only be made after the end of the season.

With currently exactly 100 WM counters, Perez also stands punctually ahead of his best Formula One season of all time. His previous best mark was 2016 with 101 points. At that time, however, the season included 21 races. 2020 needed “Checo” minus its missed races- just once twelve starts to crack the 100-brand.