Persuasion instead of skepticism, is Flick Sane wearing a FCB jersey?

At FC Bavaria Munich the signs for a transfer of Leroy Sane thicken. Coach Hansi Flick, who was long regarded as a skeptic, is said to have shown himself in person.

Hansi Flick has apparently given up his restraint and has gone on the offensive at Leroy Sane. FC Bavaria Munich’s trainer exchanged with Manchester City’s long-time professional, according to “Sport Bild”, in a half-hour phone call. After the exchange, however, both sides should be able to imagine a collaboration.

The direct contact between Flick and Sane could be the breakthrough for the negotiations. Flick was long regarded as skeptical about a Sane-Transfer to Munich, but is now supposed to have been convinced and, on that phone call, convinced himself that Sane fits into his team and above all into his philosophy.

FC Bavaria, Flick stressed in May’s edition of the new club magazine 51, should constantly ask: “Which player fits into our mentality? This club is special. And if the’Mia san mia’remains visible to the outside, it is a pound with which to score in negotiations with players who would also go elsewhere.”

In this way Flick could also have made a change tasty once again. The 24-year-old has been moving to Munich for quite some time in spite of the contract with City, without his cross-band drawing last summer he might already be a Bavarian pro.

Does Sane soon inspire the Bavarian fans?

In his time as a Bavarian professional, “success was all that mattered,” said Flick, “you won 1:0, no matter how. Winning alone is not enough today. And this way of thinking fits a player like Sane, who can pull the viewer out of the seats with his storm and urge.

“Of course it’s all about titles in the end,” said Flick, “but I can fully identify with the fact that FC Bavaria now has the right to extend its fans beyond a 1:0 Flick believes that this philosophy helps to take potential approaches for himself. That is what is crucial today: that a club develops something, something that a player can identify with. The club culture and the game philosophy of a Bavarian FC is recorded very precisely.”Also by Sane.

Is Sane the new”international top star”of the Bavarian FC?

The tensions that were supposed to have occurred because of the 21-time national player between Flick and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic were probably eliminated at the request of the new board Oliver Kahn. According to Salihamidzic, Sane could be the “international star” that Salihamidzic had promised for summer next to “a top talent from Europe” in the world on Sunday.

According to Salihamidzic, this player should be considered “to improve the quality of our team and help the team to give our viewers a strong and attractive football performance. to offer”. In the case of Sane, whose market value is currently estimated to be 80 million euros, this is likely to be the case.

Timo Werner, whose commitment Flick is supposed to have once campaigned for, could move to FC Liverpool. Team manager Jurgen Klopp wants to meet Leipzig, it is said to convince him of the designated English master. At Kai Havertz, the Bavarians are still at work, but the Corona crisis could delay the departure of the youngster from Leverkusen by one year. It is possible that Flick will soon reach back to the listener.