Pirelli promises better rain tyres

Once again, after the Brazilian Grand Prix, Pirelli had to deal with sharp criticism by the drivers. This time, because of the rain tyres, which repeatedly provided water for aquaplaning and do not displace enough water.

This has to change for the coming season, the drivers are demanding, especially since then it will be driven with wider tires.

Pirelli Motorsport boss Paul Hembery now promises to remedy it. So far we have had four or five days of simulating wet conditions and watering the respective routes, but we have not tested with the right cars,”he explains to”car sports”. During the season, however, progress could be made,’because we will then test with the current cars. This is a great advantage, because for three years we had no test days at all during the season.”

What does he mean? Testing tours during the season took place even before 2016, but not exclusively focused on tyre development. Overall, Pirelli 2017, like this year 25-year-old so-called car days, means that a day passes when the Italians test with a vehicle. Incidentally, the regulation also applies to 2018 and has been enforced so that the new generation of tyres can be properly developed.

First of all, however, difficulties

First, however, drivers must adjust to difficulties again: “We cannot promise, that from the beginning everything will be perfect. We will certainly experience some surprises, but at least then we will have the opportunity to work on changes over the course of the year.”

Pirelli’s problem with the rain tyres is at the top of the to-do list.” As we drive with a wider tyre next year, it is our first challenge to get the aquaplaning under control,”Hembery explains.”We have a lot to do.” In this respect, we can do simulation work so that we have an idea of the absolute numbers. Then it will depend on getting the flu level up, which will be a major part of our work next year, which also applies to 2018.”