Pisczeck complains of lack of experience at BVB

In times when young talents determine the face of the team, Lukasz Piszczek is one of the exceptions to Borussia Dortmund. The 35-year-old BVB stone is still placed on the right side of the boroughs and recently extended to 2021. Now, among other things, the Pole has spoken to his significantly younger colleagues.

“Young players are quick to get angry when you criticize them,” Piszczek brought to the point in the “kicker” a big change in recent years. In the past, Sebastian Kehl had been a leader in the BVB cabin, whose word was “law”, today one had to “find another way”.

The Routinier explicitly did not expose Jadon Sancho, who was last in the headlines several times. In general, the “younger generation” should lead more consistently.

First of all, professional life does not always provide only vain sunshine. Piszczek himself reveals that after a hip operation 2013 he had to struggle with himself strongly.

“There was a time when I felt burned. […] I put too much pressure on myself and had lost the fun a little,”said the former national player. Since then, he has worked regularly with a sports psychologist. In the meantime he feels the “hunger” again, “but this did not work with a finger-pinch”.

For Piszczek, 2021 is the end of the BVB

Piszczek also commented on the topic of social media. My private life is mine,”the defender made it clear unequivocally that he is not a friend of sharing each of his steps with the public. Accounts on Instagram and Twitter were simply part of “at this time”, but he only shares the “minimum”. Similarly, it is not easy for him to understand the partly exhaustive activities of his younger colleagues.

After the season 2020/21, the right foot will probably hang on the nail for good. Faced with the example of Paolo Maldini, who only ended his career with more than 40 years, Piszczek said: “No, this is not for me. 2021 it is time to say goodbye. It is only in the lower leagues of his Polish homeland that he will then “play some more”.

That after the close 0:1 defeat against the FC Bavaria he may not end his career with another title, Piszczek becomes immense. “He is not going to finish his career with another title.” We didn’t have to lose this game. To this day I cannot understand why after Jerome Boateng’s hand-play we did not get an eleven-meter”, the Pole gets angry.

One reason why the BVB last has a clear balance in so-called key games, however, Piscick also has ready:”We are still a young team. We lack the Bavarian experience. For example, FC Bavaria has “two or three boys with a lot of routine in each team.” 2010 switched from Hertha BSC to Borussia Dortmund, where he has since contested 350 obligatory games. With the BVB, the learned stormer won, among other things, the Double 2012, the Championship 2011 and the Cup 2017.