Preparation in Qatar: FC Bavaria will not get rid of the criticism

The football federations are preparing for the round back in Spain, Portugal, Malta, Florida or at home. Only the German champion FC Bayern Munich travels again to Katar – Kritik inclusive.

The controversial journey begins on Saturday. For the tenth time already, FC Bayern flies Munich to prepare for the return round of the Bundesliga for one week (up to ten. January) after Qatar, and for the umpteenth time, the record champion is therefore criticized.

Not least among his own followers.” And once again, human rights are flying away with Kafala Airways!” The Bavarian fans have a clear opinion about the training camp in Katar

“Kafala” refers to the disputed guarantee system, which in particular in the Arab Gulf states is the work- Residence and family law. It is subject not least to the numerous migrant workers from other countries who, in the absolute monarchy of Islam and Sharia, among other things, are building stadiums for the final round of the World Cup 2022. Organisations such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International have repeatedly criticised the country for this in the past.

“Many migrant workers still live and work in difficult conditions, and numerous workers are still stranded in Qatar, when their companies finish their work in the country and simply leave their workers without money and without ID cards to themselves,”said Regina Sputl, Qatar expert at Amnesty International Germany, on”SID”request. But Amnesty is not entitled, “Companies, sports associations or sports clubs that are also business enterprises, to criticize for economic partnerships or collaboration with catholic companies”.

FC Bayern should”seize opportunities”and address maladministration

However,”officials and players of sports clubs such as FC Bavaria mostly have access to senior decision-makers and could take advantage of their celebrity and role model to address human rights violations and call for sustainable improvements. We want more courage and civil courage from this group of people,”said Sputl.

The Bavarians have been saying for years that they have always had good and trusting talks with their partners on the ground.” Dialogue improves things, ignoring and criticising things, as is regularly the case in our country, does not help to change a situation,”said Managing Director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge at the recent Annual General Meeting on 17. November and claimed: “We have achieved that many things change through football.” As remarkable, FC Bavaria considers that he has since the 20th. For the third time in January, he also sent his women’s team to the training camp in Qatar.

The Munich officials, however, once again faced criticism of the travel plans at the JHV. Members who have traditionally expressed their opinion towards the end of the event and about the growing discomfort of the association, denounced the close link between the club and Qatar: the Doha International Airport has been a major sponsor of Munich for years, Since November 2018, it has been Qatar Airways, whose logo is on the sleeve of the Bavarian jerseys.

Rummenigge sees development in Qatar thanks to FC Bavaria?

Rummenigge also saw himself on this 17. November forced to defend controversial co-operation.” I know,”he said,”that one or the other may be critical of this, but I must also say one thing clearly: since Bavaria Munich has been a partner of Qatar, It has been proven that there has been a development in human and labour rights to the positive.”

Whether the subtle improvements in the Emirate are due to the action of FC Bavaria is, of course, undeniable.” Fortunately, there has been a lot of movement recently,”said Regina Sputl:”However, whether this positive development is exclusively the result of the partnership between FC Bavaria and Qatar remains speculation.”