Proceedings for jump insults apparently terminated

The proceedings of the German Football Association’s Supervisory Committee and the DFB Sports Court against various clubs of the Bundesliga due to the defamation of Hoffenheim’s majority owner Dietmar Hopp have been suspended. This is reported by the “Sports Show”.

On Friday the association had announced that all pending proceedings from the 2020-year against clubs from the Bundesliga, the 2nd. Bundesliga and the 3rd. In the spring Hopp had been insulted by banners and banners in some of the games by supporters.

The DFB confirmed to the “Sports Show” that all proceedings against clubs were terminated, The games from the 2020-year.

This makes it impossible to prosecute before the Sports Court for insulting transparency or showing Hopps face in the crosshairs at the beginning of the year.

fans of FC Bavaria caused scandal

Am 21. In February, the DFB Sports Court overturned those on the 2nd. November 2018 against the BVB pronounced probation because Dortmunder fans in the outdoor game on the 20th. In December 2019, the Kraichgau had once again become conspicuous against TSG patrons Dietmar Hopp. Borussia must therefore renounce its fans in the next two foreign games at the TSG.

Subsequently some clubs joined forces with the Black Yellow, especially the events during the game between Hoffenheim and Bavaria Munich. After repeated insults of Hopp by Bavarian supporters, the game was about to be cancelled. The game was completed by the players of both teams by demonstrative ballads in protest against the Bavarian fans.

Also in Munich and Cologne there were events by banners and posters. In this context, the DFB Control Committee has investigated several clubs and may have brought charges before the Sports Court, which is now irrelevant.

The reason for the procedural setbacks announced on Friday was the Corona pandemic and its economic consequences for the clubs. specified.