Quali-Experiment: line queens want old format back

Formula 1 continues to be discussed at the edge of Russia’s Grand Prix about sprinting and qualifying experiments 2020. The idea of the reverse starting position is not good for most pilots. Routine Kimi Riding Kings have a completely different approach. He wishes for the format of the early 2000s back.

If I were to change anything, I would go back to the format that existed when I started.”2001 came line queens with cleanliness into formula 1. At that time the qualifying consisted of an one-hour session.”The qualifying was a one-hour session.” I think there were three sets of tires and twelve rounds. You could drive them whenever you wanted to,”he recalls.

“In recent years there have been many changes, but honestly, I don’t know if they have changed the starting position properly,”doubts Ridgecken. He is not the only pilot who is sceptical about the new rules keeper proposals.

Hamilton: New format maybe in Singapore?

Many drivers, including Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, have dismissed the proposals after Qualifying experiments 2020 with the reverse starting position as “Bullshit”. The basic tenor: Drivers do not believe that a change in the force ratio changes anything. It is only when the field is closed down t hat it will create more tension.

Hamilton has spoken particularly loudly about this and thought that the radical amendments should only distract from bad decisions for 2021. He reaffirms his fundamentally negative stance.

He then adds: “I am not fundamentally opposed to changing the weekend format, because sometimes it can get really boring –the same format for 20 or 23 races. And in races like in Singapore, where not much happens in the race itself, we might be able to make a difference.”

As long as the change is properly thought through, so be it. But what the five-time World Champion warns: “Don’t just take a few quick shots.” The British still don’t like the idea of the reverse starting position, although he seems a little more insightful.” Perhaps this will help on some routes.”

Especially where the distance between the first and the last is enormous, this variant could be used, Hamilton thinks.” Would it make racing more exciting? I don’t know,”he argues, is uncertain.

Formula 1 should not stop with such topics at this important stage before the final decision on the rules 2021. That should not be a top priority. He speaks for all the other pilots: “The main focus should be to bring the field closer together.”

GPDA unites: There are four important points

A positive example would have been the previous races: “Austria or Hungary have had a lot of fun. The battles in the middle field are very exciting because they are all so close together. Even though it seems almost impossible to follow others, exciting fights arise.”

If the driving field is still two seconds apart after the great rule revolution 2021, then you can think about other show elements such as a crashed start sequence. This is also the official line of the GPDA.

Romain Grosjean as one of the chairmen repeatedly reiterates the four core demands of the pilots: “Tires, weight, aero-sensitivity and money- you get these four areas under control, you get damn good racing”, The middle field is also seen as an example: “We have similar strong bolts, similar big budgets and the racing is pretty cool.” If you extend these states to the whole field, then you would offer a great show, Racing-point pilot Sergio Perez is also convinced: “All within a second, from the first to the last, and suddenly the great racing.”

“If we had five or six teams fighting for the podium, it would be a lot more exciting overall”, agrees Toro-Rosso pilot Daniil Kwjat, who made a big exception this year with rank three in Hockenheim. The majority of drivers therefore agree that the current qualification format does not require reform.

Daniel Ricciardo goes further and warns against making changes. That would “water down” the sport, because you can finally imagine 44 races on 22-weekends. I love racing, so don’t get me wrong, but it’s watering down the product. He therefore describes the proposal of sprinting with an inverted grid as “desperate”.

Ricciardo: Sprinting “watering” the formula 1

That the 20 pilots speak with almost identical statements is a coincidence. The GPDA does not have an agenda that requires all drivers to send the same message, Ricciardo said. We have talked about it,”he admits, but no plan has been devised.

“There is no message we should be spreading. Maybe we’re just too smart,”he smiles. The drivers were all of the same opinion: against changing the format. From other sports Ricciardo already knows the problem.

“I am a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, unfortunately there are now fights every weekend. You can always look at it, so it becomes less interesting. The same thing would happen with races every weekend, or with crashed start-ups, so they manipulate the result a little bit.”As a result, the sport loses its value.

The Renault driver also encourages that the pilots are often not included in the discussions about new ideas:”You already wonder, Why weren’t we asked? That’s why we wanted to be more of a team. After all, we want to be more involved, because we are at the heart of sport.”

That is why the pilots with a unified opinion now want to gain more hearing. And I think it is also more valuable than any other opinion.”However, in the voice-scrambler of the driver sometimes not audible loudly. Finally, there are many different interests and alliances, says McLaren team leader Andreas Seidl in an interview with’Sky’.

His team supports all ideas as long as they do not attack the DNA of formula 1.” But it is not in danger with the various proposals that are currently floating around,”believes the German.

McLaren:”We like what is currently on the table”

Will there be an agreement on the 2020 experiments and the 2021 revolution in the end?” This is difficult to say because, as I said, there are different agendas here.”From the point of view of the traditional team, the proposals would be well thought out and therefore welcome.

“We are very happy with what we have seen so far. It is normal that we still have discussions, but we have full confidence in the FIA and formula 1 to do that now. We like what’s on the table at the moment,”Seidl affirms.

He also gives the impression that all teams would be against the proposals. We offer our full support. It is the right direction for Formula One to improve the show, show better racing and simplify overtaking. The cost mountain border is also very important to us. Now it’s just important that we do this.”