Quali-Farce: Lauda weathers power struggles

In the dispute over the qualification format, it is no longer about the rules for time training, believe old-timers inside the circus. Rather, the matter would be a precedent for questioning and changing the political power relations, says Niki Lauda, for example. He asks himself in conversation with Sky: “Why not apologize and go back to the old mode?” The answer is clear to Lauda: “This can no longer be done because of political power struggles.”

The FIA and Bernie Ecclestone had pushed through a novel, The teams then decided to play the role backwards without doing it: had it come to this, the Automotive World Association and Zampano would have given up even more power than they already have.” That is why we are now trying to change the current system again,”explains Lauda. This is with a telephone conference and a vote on the’cumulative qualifying’on Thursday. According to the Austrian, the next failure.

For ex-Formula One pilot and TV expert Martin Brundle, the series with the farce around the ad mode is absurd and provides proof of their problems behind the scenes: “That it was not immediately put back to the proven qualifying format of 2015 shows quite well, Brundle speaks of a “defective system” and a debris desert that should now be eliminated.

Ex-pilot says: formula-1 structure “dedicated to death

“The British also witts an excuse of those responsible, who would seek a scapegoat. And it would have been catchy: “I don’t think the race engines are really forcing a change,” Martin Brundle protects the perpetrators of the disagreement, often referred to by the FIA and Ecclestone. It is an attempt to renew the commercial and decision-making structure –but this cannot happen until the 2020-year period unless there is a big bang.”

Background: The commercial framework contracts between Ecclestone and the teams run for four more years. As long as questionable institutions such as the strategy group, various veto rights for top teams and the distribution of money are measured in stone. Lauda emphasizes: “Political power struggles are underway here.” And also sports? For Brundle, the desire for unpredictability at the starting point is an attempt to “stop Mercedes from winning” and to make the series more exciting again.

Ferrari and the drivers welcome the new proposal

No wonder Lauda says: “I am against it, Because it’s fundamentally wrong.”Ferrari’s mood looks different. Maurizio Arrivabene does not want to cross himself: “I am optimistic that we will find a solution that satisfies everyone”, looks ahead and does not want to put a stop to a new qualifying amendment: “The veto is important, but we do not want to apply it at every opportunity.” Scuderia has a special right, However, unanimity among the teams is needed anyway.

Arrivabene finds that the new idea sounds “not so bad”. For the Red Bull team leader Christian Horner, anything is better than the “Journey to Jerusalem” that was probably played in Bahrain for the last time. It is inevitable that something will change,”he emphasises to’’, but also argues for the team-driven return to 2015er mode:”What we saw at the last two Grand Prix: that raises the question, whether we really have to snoop around at the qualifying.”

Similarly, the pilots who usually want more hearing argue. Jenson Button, who is one of the pioneers of the GPDA drivers’union, is ready to compromise: “I liked the old system. It was the best we ever had in formula 1,”said the Routinier. The idea of developing the format and having each pilot spin at least two fast laps per session does not, however, reject the button: “Why not? Let’s give him a chance. Everything is better than that. Driving with your eyes closed is even better than that.”

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