“Racing point team leader via Vettel, Hulk and Co.”

In a few weeks the time of Sebastian Vettel ends at the Scuderia Ferrari. The next chapter begins for the German in formula 1. Aston Martin’s expectations of the four-time World Champion are high.

Racing Point is certainly the biggest surprise in Formula 1 this season. The team that will start next year under the name Aston, behind Mercedes and Red Bull is number three in the paddock and has made the greatest progress of all midfield teams. But this should not be the case.

With the commitment of Sebastian Vettel, the racing stables promise a further boost. We brought him in because we believe he can take us as a team to a new level,”said team leader Otmar Szafnauer in the”Sport Image”interview.

Vettel is supposed to show the team that”in every little detail there is a chance to improve. Especially when it comes to driver performance. We hope that he will teach us what we need to do to get four World Cup titles like him,”said Szafnauer. The team was curious about Vettel’s methods, procedures and techniques, stressed the team leader.

Hullkenberg was the “best possible replacement driver”

Good experiences with German drivers made Racing Point during the current season. Nico Hilkenberg jumped at three weekends for Sergio Perez. Lance Stroll, once picked up starting place three and drove twice to the points.

“He was the best possible replacement driver,” said Szafnauer of the Emmericher: “We know him, he is fast and has done it so well the first time that we decided immediately when Lance Stroll tested positive, The 56-year-old did not comment on the rumors that Szafnauer preferred to start with Sergio P er ez instead of Sebastian Vettel in the 2021 season. Instead, he explained many things about the choice of driver: “Many different factors have played a role. It was a joint decision of those responsible.”

The fact that Racing Point was confronted this year with plagiarism accusations (the keyword”pinker Mercedes”) still angers Szafnauer today. However, the team leader also has a simple explanation: “Everyone was just terrified of how good our car is. Then they were jealous, and the best way to deal with it was to throw dirt at us.”