Record coach Rudi Gutendorf has passed away

Football-Germany mourns Rudi Gutendorf. The cult coach with his own record in the Guinness Book of Records died of old age in the presence of his family at the age of 93. We are losing someone in him who has enriched us with his great heart and positivity every day,”the World Buyer’s family had previously written in a communication.

Football was more and more a job for Gutendorf until his death on Friday morning. It was his great passion and killed him all the way to Ghana, Iran, China and Fiji. Until two years ago, the World Bummer, who, due to his numerous training assignments from Rengsdorf to Rwanda, has been listed as a trainer with most of the international engagements in the Guinness book, has not yet finished.

In his home country in Koblenz, the coach once again trained a refugee team.” I’m just fascinated by the ball. Sometimes he’s moody, a real cockdog,”Gutendorf told Socrates, a football magazine two years ago,”but I’ve never been bored with him, I’ve never had my fill of football.”He’s done”nothing else”all his life, he once stressed. For his earnings in jobs in America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Europe, Gutendorf also received two Federal Cross of Merit.

“With football around the world” Gutendorf therefore also named his book, which he published in 2002 immediately before taking over the Samoan National Team again. As a player he made it to the upper leagues, but became known as a coach and earned a good reputation with the national associations of smaller countries. Before Samoa, the trainer supervised the national teams from Bermuda, Botswana, Grenada, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago. Former World Association President Joseph Blatter once called Gutendorf a recognizing “football builder”.

At the age of 85 Gutendorf wanted to join MSV Duisburg

The German Football Association (DFB) and former Gutendorf clubs on Sunday expressed their condolences. DFB Vice-President Rainer Koch said: “Rudi Gutendorf was a world-class ambassador for German football, which he has done for the reputation of the German coach in more than thirty countries on five continents is unique.” As “Riegel-Rudi” he also wrote “a piece of Bundesliga history,” Koch added.

With this nickname the coach had given the MSV Duisburg with his defensive football in the first Bundesliga season 1963/1964 the vice-championship. Other stations in the highest German game class from VfB Stuttgart via Schalke 04, Kickers Offenbach, Tennis Borussia Berlin and the Hamburg SV followed.

The restless football traveller apparently never had enough. At the age of 85, he even offered to coach MSV Duisburg in the 2nd. The Bundesliga turned down his offer. Also as an advisor, the trainer-routinier continued to perform and disregarded decorated coaches of today’s time. So he sued former Bavarian coach Pep Guardiola for his constant rotations and certified to him, During the Champions League match against Real Madrid 2014 he built “very big shit”.

With a WM participation as coach it should never have been. As Chile coach, Gutendorf was on his way to the World Cup ticket 1974 and thus to the greatest success of his career as coach. Because of the military coup in the South American state, the cobbler had to leave the country, he later spoke of “fear of death” and told the magazine “11 friends”: “Twice in my life I was close to achieving a World Cup, but it was always denied me. In Chile because of politics and in Africa because of rapture.”

Gutendorf meant the year 1982 when he had an offer to watch Cameroon in the World Championship. He wanted to mail his statement from Tanzania, where the world’s embezzler was working. But the postman had “pocketed the 72 dollar himself”, as Gutendorf later said. This is how the cooperation stayed.