Reizthema Alonso: McLaren Racing Guide annoyed

The debacle with the Honda partnership is set as a drive mule ad acta due to the change to Renault. However, the heated relationship between McLaren’s executive day and the international press seems to be inflamed by another topic in the run-up to Formula One season.

It is about the future of Superstar Fernando Alonso in the team, which is beyond 2018 unclear. Requests are not wanted from race director Eric Boullier, as he recently made very clear.

A journalist at the edge of the test tours in Barcelona addressed the matter, explains the Frenchman with rustic charm and reference to an interview opportunity with Alonso himself: There is a media round later. Also in relation to the relationship between improved sports performance and the motivation of the Spaniard, Boullier has only a vague answer ready: “Can you please ask me that again in three months?”

As long as the driver swings, only interpretative lip confessions remain: “We are happy with Alonso. If he ends his career with us on the team, so will we,”Boullier said on another occasion. He only wonders if he does, but there are few reliable answers to this.