Reus tells FCB to fight -“Players no lab rats”

When Borussia Dortmund asks FC Schalke 04 for the remainder of the Bundesliga, Marco Reus is not part of the party. The BVB captain, who is still behind in training after a muscle injury, has nevertheless spoken about the football challenges during the Corona crisis.

“The virus has changed our lives. The whole world has been and will continue to be challenged”, many people have lost their lives or feared for their jobs, Reus said in a conversation with”El Pais”.

Therefore, despite the resumption of the game in the Bundesliga, one cannot and should not talk about a return to normality for a long time, he said.”Regret.” We must not be careless now. We all have to listen responsibly to the instructions of politicians and virologists.”Once the virus has been underestimated for a long time.

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BVB only in empty rows? Marco Reus: “The only possibility”

The fact that all games will take place before empty scenes for the time being does not therefore take Reus out of the version.

It is “unusual”, but the challenge is the same for everyone. There is no reason to complain, and at the moment it is the “only way”.

That the players will lack the support of the loud BVB supporters, however, is beyond question for the offensive player: “We need this very much. Everyone who was once in Westfalenstadion knows what forces our fans can unleash on us.”Above all, the yellow wall is like an engine that drives you.

The fact that the German Football Oberhaus is the first big sports league to resume the game business brings with it a special responsibility. As part of an experiment, Reus does not want to see himself.

“Players are not lab rats where tests are carried out,” the national player made clear. The pressure resulting from the world’s attention was nevertheless enormous and every actor had to act as an example.

Battle announcement to FC Bavaria

Beyond the special circumstances, however, Reus burns on it, to fulfill a sporting dream: the championship title with the BVB.

“We are four points behind the FC Bavaria and still have to play against them. I want to win the championship this year and the opportunity is still there despite all the problems,”Reus said. And further: “We can put pressure on Bavaria with a win in two weeks.”

In advance, however, his colleagues must first survive in the derby without their leader. After the game it should also be clear how difficult the falling support of the fans weighs.