Revealed! New Red Bull with Nose Hole

As the last top team of Formula 1, Red Bull introduced his new car on Sunday and presented the first images of the RB13 called Boliden. With the new vehicle Red Bull wants to continue the upward trend from last season and for the first time since the season 2013 in the fight for the World Cup title to speak a serious word again.

Destroys superstition!” is the motto of the presentation of the ominous 13. “For some (un)happy” is the slogan of the presentation, which is limited to a few pictures.

The lucky pointer comes with an interesting nose that shows a hole that has never been seen in this form. Whether this is just an air supply for the S-Duct toder is even more involved in this solution cannot be said from the first studio recordings. In any case, Adrian Newey has once again delivered a unique solution here. He is also the inventor of the Finnish rear wing, who debuted in the 2008’s and now returns. So, of course, the RB13 must not miss it either. Otherwise, the impression prevails that Red Bull is once again presenting a pure showcar.

Unlike the model from the season 2016, the design guru was again significantly more involved in the development of the RB13. Thanks to the new technical rules, aerodynamics will be even more prominent this season, what Red Bull should play in the cards- at least Helmut Marko hopes. Whenever new rules have come, Adrian’s car has been at the front,”says the Austrian in a conversation with”car, engine and sport”.

“The car looks aggressive”

The new vehicle already arrives with the drivers. The car looks aggressive, but hopefully it’s also fast,”says Max Verstappen. As in the previous year, the young Dutchman, together with Daniel Ricciardo, will form the driving duo.” Last year, we pushed each other, which was good for both of us,”says the Australian.”I’m sorry. Hopefully this will continue.”

The number of accidents 13 in the type designation of the new car is not a bad omen for the pilots either. I’ve never been able to start anything with superstition. For me, that’s just an excuse if something went wrong,”Ricciardo says. I am therefore pleased that the team has remained with its system. After the 12th comes the 13th.”And even understanding is not superstitious:”I don’t care about the number. Other teams have already won championships with the 13th,”said the Dutch.