Revealed: Race queens already signed 2005 at Ferrari

Kimi Reiikkunen is the last Ferrari World Champion in Formula 1. 2007, he came from McLaren to Scuderia from Maranello and immediately got the title (one point before Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso). Only about a year and a month after his announcement as a Ferrari driver in Monza 2006, he had fulfilled his most important task.

What was less known so far: Even though Ferrari did not publish the Rook King contract until after Michael Schumacher’s big announced resignation at the Home Grand Prix, The Iceman had already been signed in the summer 2005. The Ferrari contract, he says in the podcast’Beyond the Grid’.

The Ferrari contract, he says in it, has “yielded so. I signed the 2005 Treaty. Long before I left. I’m surprised it’s been a secret for so long. At Ferrari you sometimes read more in the news than you hear in the factory!”

resignation of Michael Schumacher for Ferrari a welcome opportunity?

This is interesting for two reasons. First of all, it reinforces the argument that Schumacher resigned voluntarily, but this Ferrari was not at all unfair, because two Alphabets in the team were not necessarily wanted. And in the then 27-year-old king of the line saw the future rather than in the 38-year-old shoemaker.

Second, it proves, that King David Robertson deliberately misled the media.

He is quoted in the “Guardian” issue of the 15th of July 2006 with the words: “There is no dry ink on any contract between Kimi and any team for next year. And there is also no signature with pencil.”

honeymoon between Kimi King and Ferrari did not last long

Anyway: The”honeymoon”between King and Ferrari did not last long. At the end of 2009, although the Finnish still had a contract for 2010, because the chemistry was no longer right and Ferrari was not satisfied with his performance, it was absolutely necessary to get rid of royalty and replace it with Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, so it is handed down, already 2008 signed a preliminary contract, 2011 to change to Ferrari. Because of the tensions with queens, they wanted to get the Spaniard earlier.

So they said 17 million euros were offered so that he would stop using formula 1. If he had switched to another team, this amount would have been reduced to ten million euros.

His management negotiated with McLaren and Brawn (2010 then Mercedes) for a change. The decision was then made for the Rallye World Cup. Staying in formula 1’would have made no sense because it would have cost me a certain amount of money. And I’m not so stupid as to sign a contract for less money,”says King of Countries.

He would have gotten a contract for 2010″somewhere else for sure. But I had no interest in it. I’ve had enough of all the politics and shit. I had a contract that they paid me for.”Today, he is happy with this decision:”I was okay with it ending then. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today.”