Ricciardo lifts his Shoey secret

A panel ceremony in formula 1 is usually not very exciting. There are guys like Daniel Ricciardo a welcome change.

The always well-humored Australian last brought the so-called Shoey”into formula 1. At the same time the 27-year-old does not drink the champagne directly from the bottle

The always well-humored Australian drinks it from his shoe! But how do you come up with such an idea?” I didn’t start it,”Ricciardo defends himself with a laugh and explains:”As far as I know, I started with it in formula 1, but not worldwide. It was a couple of crazy Aussies.”

According to Ricciardo, this is the”Mad Hueys”, which Europeans are probably not a term, but are well known in Australia.” They’re surfers and fishermen and just crazy guys. They go around the world fishing, surfing or whatever, and they like to drink beer and stuff. This is where the Shoey began,”the Red Bull pilot explains in the context of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Continue the Australian tradition

Meanwhile the phenomenon is shifting to the sporting world. Not only does Ricciardo celebrate in this way, in the MotoGP Jack Miller also showed a Shoey on his debut victory this year.” I know Jack Miller knows some of the Mad Hueys. I had already expected him to do it, and so he did,”Ricciardo explains with a laugh.

“So I thought I should continue this Australian tradition. Now Valentino (Rossi, MotoGP record champion); Amen. d. Red.) with it. I saw yesterday that he posted it on Instagram,”says the Red Bull pilot, who recently was able to animate his compatriot Mark Webber to a Shoey, When the 40-year-old in the spa usually conducted rather boring interviews on the podium.

“…then it tastes good”

“It’s just a little fun –everybody enjoy it,” Ricciardo laughs. The only question that remains is whether the whole thing tastes good. If the shampoo is cool, it really tastes good,”says Ricciardo.”It’s really good.” If it’s warm, then of course sweat and these things come along. But the cool taste covers all the bad things.”Generally such a Shoey is”delicious”.

Ricciardo promises another Shoey for the race in Singapore on Sunday. But only under certain conditions: “Of course, if I win! If I only become second or third, maybe not this time. But if I win, I would expect some people to do it with me.”One can be curious to know who the crazy trend will be next.