Ricciardos Brake Fire: Red Bull still clueless

At first glance, Russia’s Grand Prix looks like a boring race for Red Bull: After the early failure of Daniel Ricciardo due to a brake defect, Max Verstappen became Fifth – 25 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton and 26 seconds before Sergio Perez. But especially in the initial phase the nerves were fluttering.

The fault was the brakes: When the seven-seated Ricciardo in Round 5 looked in the rear mirror to get his stalker Sergio Perez under control, he did not trust his eyes. I’ve seen it burn,”he recalls the smoking development in the rear.”I’ve seen it burn.” I can see that my right rear brake is on fire!”, He switched on the command stand, and immediately received the order to return slowly to the box.

But the next moment of horror immediately followed, because suddenly the brake was completely gone.” In curve 15, I almost hit the limit.”I couldn’t think of going any further. At this point, after a good start, the brakes were on the top five, but lost one and a half seconds per lap.

Why was the brake running so hot so early?

When the Dutch rider reported a problem, his racing engineer instructed him to put the brake balance as far forward as possible. After a few rounds, everything should be fine again. But even in the final phase he complained again: “The brake pedal is getting softer.”

But why did Red Bull get such problems in Sochi after a few laps? Team leader Christian Horner keeps himself covered after the second failure in a row because of brake problems (in Bahrain it caught congestion): “The result was similar to Bahrain, but it was another problem. Ricciardo wonders why the brake was called so early: “It was still so early in the race, and I don’t know how much the safety car and the two starts contributed to it.”

It could be because of the characteristics of the RB13, which is particularly good with the tires. On the smooth sock asphalt, where all teams have problems with tyre temperature, this is anything but an advantage. The teams therefore try to warm the tyre by the brake temperature over the rim. This can be regulated by the size of the brake ventilation.

Red Bull may have exaggerated this because it is difficult to get the tyre to temperature anyway. After all, however, it has succeeded in bringing understanding over the distance. Luckily for the Dutchman that he was mostly free of pressure and was able to control the temperatures better.

petrol pump provided drama before the race

Because even before the race the Red Bull-Box Dramas played out: Since Friday the team has been haunted by problems with the petrol pump. Hiding caught it in the second, Ricciardo in the third Free Training. This is why the 19-year-old was rebuilt on Sunday night to build the new qualifying engine and upgraded to the engine of the first three races. But once again a leak was discovered at the water pump, which is why one changed the part another.

An hour before the start, then another alarm at Red Bull: Again a problem at the water pump at Hidden Car.” Frustrating that this would happen half an hour before the opening of the boxing alley,”team leader Christian Horner became angry. So the mechanics had to reach out and find a short-term solution.” Hopefully the part will hold,”the Brit was still afraid of the race. Beware of the boys…”

Also Verstappen praises his team. The mechanics did a really good job and solved the problem in such a short time. So I managed to become a fifth with the car.”He admits, however, that after all the problems he wanted to get to the goal above all:”In the last stint the tempo was not so bad, which is positive after this hard weekend, But towards the end of the race I turned everything down, So that we are on the safe side.”

Start: Ricciardo victims of his rivals

Red Bull had nothing to do with the good result

“The start actually felt good”, he does not see the error in his area. “The start felt good”. But then I ran into the guys in front of me who didn’t have a good start. I was blocked on the outside lane, and I couldn’t do anything.”At first, congestion passed, then in the second corner, Massa too.”I’m not sure what to do.” Felipe was at a dead end, so I left space inside so it wouldn’t force,”he gave an explanation.

In the World Cup review, the Sochi weekend for Red Bull was a damper: Ricciardo, who has only about a quarter of Sebastian Vettel’s World Cup points on his account, sees his title chances slowly fade away, While hiding as the Fifth Thirteenth Counter is in front of the teammate.

The big announced Barcelona update has to hit, Red Bull still wants to attack Ferrari and Mercedes.” What it will bring, we won’t know until we put it on the track,”Ricciardo climbs on the brake.”We don’t know what it’ll bring.” But hopefully we will take the first step in Barcelona to get closer to the top riders.”