“Right! Maldonado flies, Magnussen comes”

The signs have thickened more and more in recent days, now it is perfect: Kevin Magnussen takes the place of Pastor Maldonado in the coming season. On Wednesday, the Dane will be presented as the second Renault driver, reports”.

The remaining payments of the sponsors were ultimately to the 30-year-old Maldonado, who began his career in King Class 2011. Although Maldonado was confirmed as a driver for the year 2016 by the end of the last season, as the Venezuela n oil company “Petroleeos de Venezuela” (PDVSA) with the promised subsidies was lagging behind and could not guarantee future payments, The contract between Renault and Pastor Maldonado was dissolved.

By the end of last week the PDVSA was supposed to have time to transfer the first annual rate of fifty million US dollars to Renault. However, according to consistent media reports, the amount has never reached the French. With great humility I announce that I am not in Formula One 2016,”said the winner of the Spanish Grand Prix 2012 to his fans.

Laughing third is the Dane Kevin Magnussen, who was employed as a test driver for McLaren last year. The 23-year-old is to be introduced next to Jolyon Palmer as the second driver of the Renault team on Wednesday. According to “”, Magnussen has already signed the contract for the coming season.

19 races, a podium

The Dane brings the experience of 19 races in formula 1. Magnussen celebrated his greatest success so far at the Australian Grand Prix 2014. In his first Formula One race, the Danish boy, oft en referred to as “Wonder Boy”, drove surprisingly to third place and was the first debut since Lewis Hamilton 2007 on the podium.

Maldonado still has a small back door. open. The two cockpits in the team Manor-Mercedes are still unused almost two months before the first race in Australia. If the Venezuelan wants to continue his career in Formula One, then probably only as a driver of the second-class British team. Currently, however, it looks more like a permanent goodbye.

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