Room affair: Hamilton shoots Lauda

Lewis Hamilton has for the first time expressed his opinion on the affair of a supposedly destroyed room at the Europa Grand Prix in Baku as a result of a violent incident, and has criticised Mercedes’team supervisor, Niki Lauda.

The Brit explains to the Daily Express, in anticipation of the race in Silverstone, t hat the matter would have rocked his image. People read this and think it would be true. That I’d lost my mind,”Hamilton defends himself. Under the line, it did me harm.”

The champion learned from Lauda’s statements in the context of a show recorded at the edge of the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, as he was recuperating between before his home game. I was sitting on the beach, enjoying the sun and my day. I thought, “You just won a race!” It felt great, but then I read the story. Hamilton reacted with utter indifference to the statement of the boss, who until now had been regarded as mentor, promoter and intimate.

Immediately he typed a text to Lauda: “I read it and I could not understand what was going on. So I sent Niki a message:’What is this?’I just couldn’t understand where it came from’, Hamilton wonders and welcomes a press release subsequently published by Mercedes, in which Lauda corrected himself in a questionable way by claiming to have been “misquoted”. Some will say: had to correct.

It’s just not true”

“He and the team did a good job and adjusted the subject. Unfortunately, the damage was already done,”said Hamilton. He fears that he is being followed by the alleged outburst, and finally little has been reported about his Spielberg success.” It turns my victory from positive to negative. Some people say, “Don’t worry, that’s what racing drivers do!” I am grateful t hat Niki admitted that it is not true, because it is simply not true.”

Niki Lauda had told in his”ServusTV”broadcast on Monday evening that Lewis Hamilton in Baku had destroyed his driver’s room in the hospital –out of anger about it, in qualifying in Azerbaijan to have crashed and become only tenth, while World Cup rival Nico Rosberg drove to the pole position. Later the racing goods from Austria rowed back in a statement sent by the Mercedes team on his behalf.