Rosberg to the World Cup in eight days?

Nico Rosberg has three second places and a third ranking for the championship in the four remaining races this season. Even if defending champion Lewis Hamilton should win all four races in the second Mercedes.

Rosberg can also be fixed in just a week and a half and thus two races before the end as World Champion.

THE AUSGANGSSITUATION: Rosberg has a lead on Hamilton after 17 of 21 races 33. The title will only be decided between these two. The third-place Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull has 101 points less than Rosberg – with 100 still to be awarded he can no longer catch up to the Germans.

THE SCHNELL RECOGNITION: Should Rosberg score more points in the races this Sunday in Texas Austin and a week later in Mexico City 17 Hamilton, he’s the new champion. He needs at least fifty points more than the British before the last two seasonal rounds. With nine victories against six of Hamilton this season, he is also clearly ahead of this comparison. The number of Grand Prix won in one year is decisive in a tie.

THE DOPPELSIEG ACCOUNT: Two wins alone in the two upcoming races are not enough for Rosberg. If Hamilton were second both times, the British’s lag would increase by fourteen points to 47. If Hamilton is once third and once second in Rosberg’s victories, the title is awarded. For a Grand Prix win there are 25 points, for place two 18, for rank three 15.