Rosberg via Cap-Gate: Stachel is pulled

A year ago Nico Rosberg experienced one of the bitterest racing weekends of his career due to the humiliations caused by his stable rival Lewis Hamilton. Are the events around Cap-gate a bad omen at the decisive stage in the title fight? Not when it comes to the World Cup leader:’The spike is gone, I pulled it out’, he makes it clear. On Tuesday after Austin.

In the previous year Rosberg was pushed away at the start of Hamilton, later he played the lead and the victory by an unnecessary driving error and thus cleared the way for the third World Cup victory of the rival. When Hamilton put the cap on him for place two, Rosberg had had enough and threw it back frustrated.

“Austin the previous year was not a nice experience for me, about which I thought a lot afterwards. Then I won seven races,”says Rosberg a year later. And today sees this as a positive example of how he fights back from defeats.” I always try to learn from the hard times and get better. I am very proud that I have always been able to do this in recent times and I have returned even stronger after difficult times.”

Despite the favourable position of the World Cup: Rosberg is driving full on victory

Now, however, the pressure of racing becomes greater: Rosberg is facing the greatest success of his career, I have to close the bag. In similar situations many athletes have shown nerves.

But the Mercedes pilot, who has more than one victory with 33 World Cup points, does not deviate a millimeter from his strategy of previous races. On the question whether he was aware t hat he would be satisfied with second places in four Hamilton triumphs, He replies, “Of course I am aware of that. I don’t think about that at all. I want to win this weekend and did not set myself the goal to bring home a second place.”

Title still no theme

And if it is just before the target flag second? Will he then put it on a maneuver that could also mean failure? Rosberg is uncompromising: “Then I will push to win. Hundred percent. Up to the finish flag.”

The race weekend is for him despite the title fight”business as usual”, at the World Cup booth he does not waste any thought:”I will continue to live in the moment, because that is how I call off my best performances.”How does he do this, even though he is confronted with the World Cup fight everywhere?” You can decide for yourself what you think, can’t you?”he replies with a counter-question. And I’ve decided to think about Austin. As in Suzuka and before the races.”

Also from the balance sheet of recent years, Hamilton has won three of the four Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas, Rosberg cannot be moved:”In Suzuka you told me exactly the same thing on Thursday,”the Wiesbaden shows himself ready.”In Suzuka, Rosberg can’t be moved. I do not think about it, because as we have seen so many times this year, it does not matter. I am especially good this year on the routes where things have not gone so well in recent years.”

Rosberg makes it clear: There are no Hamilton routes

In fact, Rosberg has won premiere victories in Italy and Singapore –two courses that have so far been saved as absolute Hamilton routes.” I think it’s just a statistic,”he wipes the numbers aside. Besides, we only have two years as a basis, because before that, I didn’t have a winning car. So that’s not representative.”With the Mercedes he could win”on any track against Lewis.”Still, it becomes”as always difficult. He’ll be fully motivated and safe at his best. So it will be exciting.”

The reporters still won’t let go. There must be some reason why Rosberg is so much stronger this year than in previous years.” I called my wife before I met you. That’s why I’m in such a good mood,”replies a smiling Rosberg. My family will certainly help me in this, because I travel with a smile on my face because I have spent wonderful days at home. It’s so nice to have a daughter. Maybe it also affects the sport if you have this feeling of happiness at home.”