Rouwen Hennings: The “Fortuna-Lewandowski” tortures S04

Rouwen Hennings has achieved 60 percent of the Dusseldorf season hits. At the weekend, as “Fortuna-Lewandowski”, he also tortured FC Schalke 04.

Rouwen Hennings wrapped his prey around him like a treasure and he pronounced a strict garden ban. My children are only allowed to watch this ball,”said the three-time goalkeeper of Fortuna Dusseldorf, laughing. Lia, Noah and Jordi must stay away, the game ball from 3:3 (0:1) at Schalke 04 (later perhaps) walks to a very special place.

“I have a, well, cardboard. For important jerseys and such,”said the hero of the day,”that’s where he comes in.”If the 32-year-old with his family”is sometime permanent somewhere”, then everything is finely hung and arranged in the window. He has already issued the medal for his “Gate of the Month” in the living room, which hangs in the billiard room for the two-state championship.

Rouwen Hennings is a phenomenon. He’s even more modest than he is dangerous. I don’t want to get out of it at all,”he said after the first Bundesliga trio pack of his career. But if you look around the league, which stormer is essential for which team, there’s another one at Bavaria Munich, that’s it. “Rouwen meets as he likes. “Dream-shifting,” said Coach Friedhelm Funkel. But: “Robert Lewandowski only meets when the templates come…”

Hennings is full of “horny feeling”

They came. Three times, Daniel Caligiuri (33.), Ozan Kabak (67.) and Suat Serdar (79) had tried with their gates to suppress the outsider –three times Hennings stood up and shot in the ball he later took. First by hand eleven meters after video proof (62), twice worth seeing after great attacks (73./85.).

“It is a great feeling to shoot goals. But I don’t need an extra sausage now,”he almost whispered. Before that, his teammate Kaan Ayhan had to push him to the jubilee in front of the foreign curve.

But Hennings was so unprovoked after his seasons seven to nine (only Lewandowski and Timo Werner have more) also: At one point he stepped energetically. No way! Of course, he’s scored three goals in a professional game. For the Karlsruhe SC in the 2nd. Liga, sometime.

Review: Sometime was at 6. April 2014- at 3:0 at 1860 Munich. The KSC was thus again in the ascent race, and it looked very bitter in the 1860s, which on the same day put its trainer at the door: Friedhelm Funkel.

Hennings, who without a piper’s enthusiasm 2009 would probably have become on the side of Mesut Oezil and Manuel Neuer U21-European Champion, has a huge run at the moment. You don’t think much about it. This is subconscious,”he said, after two goals, the belief is that the third shot also sits: it raps in the box.

With the armchair strength and the display case for ball games, it does not look so bad either. He recently renewed his contract. For at least two years.