Ruler: Video proof has made football fairer

Lukas Brud of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) regards the introduction of the video proof as a complete success.

“The video proof has fulfilled its claim to make the football fairer. This shows the backgrounds of the Bundesliga, in which 40 wrong decisions were corrected. The games have become much fairer,”said Brud, the manager at the top regulator of football, to the specialist magazine”kicker”.

The 39-year-old also points out that the video evidence has reduced the number of yellow and red cards.”The video evidence has also reduced the number of yellow and red cards.” The players know that they are now even less unnoticed on the field, and increasingly refrain from unfair attacks,”said Brud, adding with a view to the ongoing discussions:”The video evidence will improve even more as we have more experience with it.”

Important is the video evidence but also the communication. It must be clearly understandable.” Even in the big leagues it is a problem that the understanding of the rules or the referee protocol in the video proof is not always given a hundred percent,”stressed Brud.