Rummenigges Warning to Alaba and Co.

FC Bayern Munich is threatened with the loss of several service providers. At Thiago the signs are clear to say goodbye, at Defense Chief David Alaba the poker moves to a new contract in length and Jerome Boateng’s stay is not guaranteed either. Club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge tightens the tone.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is not only happy. Especially on the day when FC Bavaria wants to radiate nothing but happiness and pride.

After the perhaps toughest transfer in the history of the club and a few first training sessions on the soccer courts on the Sabine Street he is finally introduced, the royal transfer of Munich, Leroy Sane.

The not so much overpriced yearning of the record master for a German superstar. Up and next to the square.

And to present their new pride, the Munich people have sent their first bar to the press test of the empire: Beside Rummenigge and Sane, there are also Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic.

FC Bavaria: Praise symbols for Leroy Sane

And they swarm. From the speed and drifting power of new access (Rummenigge), from technique and mentality (Salihamidzic) and from the difference San e could make at crucial moments (Kahn).

A little condensed one could say: You are quite impressed by this player, which they have now committed for around fifty million euros of Manchester City. Who is to make the spectacular offensive of the club around Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman, Thomas Muller and of course Robert Lewandowski even more spectacular.

And because San e has qualities like hardly any other footballer in Germany at the moment, they are now very happy, so Salihamidzic confesses, “that we got this, That Leroy is finally in Munich”.

Neuer, Sane and now Alaba – Severe work at FC Bavaria

The Bavarians are currently very skilled in tough, sometimes even bizarre negotiations. First they brought the talks with an aggressively angry Manuel Neuer to a successful end. To an end, with which they did not directly shatter all hopes of a medium-term tribal post, Alexander Nzel, the potential successor to their undisputed number one.

Then came Sane. Also very tiring, but also successful. And in times of Corona it is probably also appropriate to choose the financial resources.

They should be the problem in the next tough negotiation. In the one with Defense Chief David Alaba. And the talks with the Austrian adviser seem to annoy the Munich bosses very much. At least Rummenigge.

Extension or departure?

His level of happiness dropped dangerously when the status of things was questioned. Hasan is in talks with David Alaba’s advisors. So far, it has to be said, we have not found a solution.”

You want to extend the contract with the 28-year-old but basically. If this is not possible, you have to deal with “other options”. Probably just one. With a sale, because the Alaba contract expires next summer.

The same goes for Thiago, by the way. However, its demise is much more likely than that of Alaba. Thus the Bavarian boss once again stressed that the Spanish midfielder “would like to do something new at the end of his career”. Like FC Liverpool? The Munich people do not know anything concrete.

The sun no longer seems so bright

Nothing concrete they also called out to the reasons for the tough wrestling with Alaba’s representatives. However, the Bavarian boss, in a now sharper tone, indicated that the ideas of future earnings were clearly different.

Apparently 15 million euros a year, the demands from the Austrian environment are to be at 20 million. This was reported by the “Image” almost two weeks ago.

“At the top of the salaries, one or other consultant still seems to think that despite Corona in the world the sun still shines out,” Rummenigge was angry. But that is not the case. But perhaps there is still the possibility of reaching a compromise at the end of the day.”

No”summer sale”at FC Bavaria

In the case of Thiago as well as Alaba, however, there will be no quick exit. Neither is Summer Sal. For both players, one would only deal with a sale from a “certain number”.

For the upcoming decision in the Champions League, however, the players are firmly scheduled, unlike Sane, who is not allowed to play. The new access, meanwhile, wants to take care of a nice new stay in the city and to make his right foot better.

For FC Bavaria, however, despite Thiago and Alaba, it can still be a very busy summer. Because there may be two more exits that threaten the slowly aging defence colossus Jerome Boateng (he was last very important) and Javi Martinez (he was last only rarely very important).

Rummenigge explained: “One will have to wait, whether the two want to stay with us until the end of their term or whether they can and do something else.”

The transfer window is up to 5. Open in October. The club keeps “eyes open”, said Salihamidzic, who described the market as “damaged Corona”, saying: “It’s not easy there, but we’ll see what’s possible.”

Tobias Nordmann

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