Russell emphasizes the importance of Hamilton

In this Formula One season 2020 Lewis Hamilton not only fights for his seventh championship title, but also and above all uses the platform of the royal class to put a sign against racism, be it in interviews, by kneeling before the race or against his colleagues in the GPDA. especially from the younger generation, the British receives a lot of support. I think Lewis has done an incredible job, not only to make others in the world aware of the situation, but also to help us use our voice to convey the message,”says George Russell.

“I think, As both I and Charles mentioned in our tweets about a month ago, we found it difficult to know how to express ourselves in a situation like this. But learning that we all have a voice and we all have to use it was great from this side. I think we have all learned how powerful we can be as a unit,”emphasises the Williams pilot.

This is even more important in times when formula 1 has to go empty-handed due to the Corona pandemic. Russell admits, “It feels completely different. One does not have quite the same enthusiasm as usual when one normally goes to the driver’s camp, all fans are waiting and there is a lot going on.”

How does the formula 1 feel without fans on site

Sometimes it feels almost like a test day, so the 22-year-old. But he also says, “Once the helmet is on, you are fully focused on your work. When you stand in the starting position, it feels a little calmer, and the atmosphere is not quite as busy as usual. But as soon as the helmet is on, one is only focused on his work.”

In particular, however, he missed the fans at his home race in Silverstone, where Formula One hosted twice this time. For me, last year’s race with the local fans was a very special one,”Russell recalls.”I’m not sure about that. Especially in the fan zone the mood was electrifying.”

“I don’t know how many people were there. Five to ten thousand people forced themselves on stage in the fan zone. You almost felt like a rock star, and I was just a rookie driving around in square 19. So that was a very special feeling. This year the excitement has been lost due to the lack of fans, but for this we have a faster racing car.”

Russell does not compare with Albon or Norris

To fight with his young colleagues like Alexander Albon (Red Bull) and Lando Norris (McLaren) who also dispute their second Formula One year, But it’s not enough. How frustrating is that?” I think all of us, especially myself, I am a racing driver and I want to win,”replies Russell.

“As much as I would like to fight in the points, I think people want more and more. As it seems to me at the moment, points are the goal, but I guess if you have achieved that, then you want points every weekend, then you want to get on the podium, then every weekend it is about podiums, and if you win a race, that is not enough. Then you want to fight for races.”

And if you are able to do that, of course, it is about the ultimate goal: the victory of the championship.”The victory of the championship.” So I think, as a racing driver and driver, it is never enough to fight for this championship,”says the Williams pilot. And I also know that I want to fight for races and championships.”

Compared to Albon and Norris he sees relaxed:”I learn my thing the way they do. Of course, they’re in a different position from me, but this is a longer game, and I don’t want anything to upset me at this stage of my career or hinder me on my way. I’m a sophomore now, and I hope to stay here for the next 15-20 years.”