Rust breaks Werder: “Disaster”, “Two-storey area”

Ex-pro Frank Rost has exercised harsh criticism of Werder Bremen and especially of the defensive of the Hanseatic eath threatened with descent has not left a good hair.

“I think the defensive performances are rather two-tier in tactical and football terms,” said the former National Gatekeeper in the “Sky” interview. In tactical terms, they are defensively a disaster. It is too easy to achieve goals against Werder Bremen. You just have to be patient and stand well, because in the back they are not well organized.”

Werder would have to”shoot three goals on average to win”, also from the much-vaunted 3:2 victory in the eighth finals of the DFB Cup against the BVB”one must not be dazzled”, says Rost.”You can’t be dazzled”. Dortmund would also be better placed in the table with a better defensive performance.”

Become partially”playing with five players on one line, as you occasionally take a player completely out of the game”, the 46-year-old explained that this is”not timely”, that could”make a team like Bavaria Munich or Barcelona, But from there, Werder is far, far away”.

Also the work of Florian Kohfeldt rated Rost negatively.” The coach explains all the stuff that comes across very old-fashioned,”said the 426-time federal league player. The 37-year-old Bremer coach has “too much explaining and rumbling”. In the event of a clear defeat in the international game against RB Leipzig on Saturday, “Kohfeldt could no longer be held”, predicted Rost.