Sancho on “Example” Reus: “A great player”

Jadon Sancho is one of the vertical tartars of Borussia Dortmund this season. His BVB teammates, said the young Englishman, have a large share in his development, especially Captain Marco Reus.

“He is a great example, I look up to him. It’s crazy that I’m playing with him now. He is such a great player,”Sancho swarmed at”ESPN”from Dortmund’s leading player. Reus has had the greatest influence on him so far, says the wing stormer.

Together Sancho and Reus form an extremely dangerous duo at the BVB. Sancho has so far collected 18-scoring points in the Bundesliga (seven goals, eleven templates), Reus leads the ranking with 22 points (13 goals, nine templates).

At the Champions League game on Wednesday (21:00 clock) at Tottenham Hotspur, however, the Englishman will have to renounce his Congolese sidekick. Reus is currently working on a muscle fiber and is not travelling to London.

Nevertheless, Sancho is looking forward to the game in his home country. “The game is a success. When I first played in the Champions League, a dream came true. It is a great feeling when you go out and play the music.”

Praise the stormtrooper also had left for his teammates at Borussia Dortmund, who repeatedly encourage him to”dare even once unusual things in the field”. This is why he has “so much fun”: “You, and also the coach, understand how I play.”

Lucien Favre is also a “passionate coach” who places great emphasis on details: “He has given me the opportunity, I am simply very grateful to him and the team.”