Scandal-Profi Albert Disputes against Schalke

Albert Streit is considered one of the most controversial players in the club history of FC Schalke 04. The former professional himself looks critically back on his time with the royal flowers.

“Many factors have played a role that it did not work on Schalke. I was injured at the time of the change and accordingly dissatisfied. I didn’t feel well,”said controversy, which came from Eintracht Frankfurt to Gelsenkirchen, in an interview with the”Funke Mediengruppe”.

He offered the Schalker responsible”quite early to dissolve my contract, which was rejected,”said the 38-year-old. In retrospect, both sides could have saved themselves a lot of trouble.”

Instead, controversy ended up on the shelf of his well-endowed contract with statements like”I signed the best contract of my life here. Who voluntarily gives up so much money”for great anger among the followers of the buttons.

“If I were in the situation then, with the life experience of today, I admit that, I would do some things differently. I should not have said certain sentences,”he looks back with self-criticism.

Argument complains:”Fans followed me, followed me to the front door”

His situation at the time portrayed quarrel in drastic words.” What was presented to me on Schalke for hatred was extreme. Fans followed me, followed me to the door. I was spit on, at a game of the U23 some even tried to p e e on me.”

Dispute further explained:”No matter what happened before, or what I did wrong from the point of view of the club –Schalke should not have tolerated. This has something to do with human dignity.”

Not from about Wednesday in the DFB Cup presses the first. FC Cologne, for whom he played between 2004 and 2006, was against Schalke’s thumbs. Page Time in Cologne had been “considerably more beautiful” than on Schalke. He also lives in Cologne near the stadium.