Schumacher does not believe in Red Bull trends

The RB16 is too slow. Red Bull has come to this conclusion. And so the question that the team is currently asking itself is: are the technical problems solvable and Mercedes recoverable? Formula One expert Ralf Schumacher believes that the power ratio will not change so quickly.

At’Sky’the six-time Grand Prix driver said about the Red Bull situation: I know from my own experience what it is like. If there’s a dog buried somewhere, it’s pretty damn hard.”

And that contrasts with the expectation in the team to want to face Mercedes this year.” The owner, Schumacher says, “wants to see success. He was promised a ride around the World Cup or at least a little closer. At the moment [but] it does not look like that at all.”

The scoring delay on Mercedes is great

In fact, after three races, Red Bull has collected less than half of the points already credited to Mercedes. And so far all the victories have gone to Mercedes.

Because the technology at Red Bull did not play well, Schumacher says, Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz should not be satisfied.” I’m sure the phone call is very friendly, but very definite. Didi Mateschitz never makes a big deal about it: Red Bull is not a brand that loses, but a brand that wins. It’s not so easy now, of course.”

But why? Team leader Christian Horner stated after the Hungarian Grand Prix that his team had detected “some anomalies” in the car. He describes it as things “that are not behaving as we expected”. Say: The correlation between simulation and track does not fit.

The correlation between wind channel and track does not fit

Horner goes on to say that it is an “aerodynamic malfunction” of the vehicle and says, “We are putting a great deal of effort into this, to get to the bottom of this and correct it for future races. We have to get our car to do what it’s supposed to do. We haven’t had that before.”

As it says on the track, that explains Max Verstappen. And he complains that the RB16 behaves unpredictably: at times, it is over-taxed, then under-taxed. We simply do not have a good balance in the curves,”said the Dutchman after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The list of shortcomings was even longer. We lack the flu. The top speed doesn’t fit either. All together, the car slows down,”says Verstpen. Only the Honda drive could not be objected to: “We have more power than last year.”

What is wrong with hiding on the RB16

His main criticism: “The car is not so easy to drive. On the other hand, if you move the car at the limit, there’s always a turner or a firefighter. Otherwise, you’re not pushing hard enough. But with this car, when you get to a critical point, it just breaks out. This is not so easy to intercept.”

He could only speculate about the causes, hard facts would not exist so far.” If we understood it, we would have changed it already or made it better,”says Understand. There’s obviously still something wrong. He would also not rule out that Red Bull was wrong about the development. For: “Some teams have made progress, but we may have gone in the wrong direction,” says VerstVerstpen.

He therefore speaks of “not so great” prospects for the rest of the Formula One season. It should be difficult to catch [Mercedes] because they are so far ahead.”Understand teammate Alexander Albon still hopes:”There is some potential in the car. We just have to understand where to find it.”