Schumacher says: I wished for the MSC shortcut!

Mick Schumacher returns not only a prominent surname to the royal class with his Formula One debut in the 2021 season, but also a legendary name shortcut: MSC”. Father Michael Schumacher established the abbreviation that his son has now taken. Why did the Haas pilot betray Bahrain on the second test day.

“I wanted to,” Schumacher explains on Saturday evening. “I wanted to do this.” I have an emotional attachment to’MSC’.”Not only the Formula One Rookie but also numerous fans worldwide connect with the abbreviation his father, the racers. Often the abbreviation in the TV version was found at the top of the ranking.

“I think it is also nice for all viewers to see’MSC’again in the time list”, Schumacher Jr. He carries the three letters in the royal class as homage to his father.

He once had to avoid the abbreviation, When his brother Ralf also ascended to formula 1 (known as “RSC”).

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A similar confusion – the normal short would be “SCH”- also Schumacher Jun. wants to prevent, In the future, Ralph’s son David Schumacher should also be added to formula 1. This could then use the abbreviation DSC.