SG BBM Bietigheim holt Naidzinavicius,

Bundesliga SG BBM Bietigheim has secured the services of national player Kim Naidzinavicius next season.

As the club announced on Monday, the 24-year-old backroom player comes from the league competitor Bayer Leverkusen and receives a two-year contract.

“We are very pleased about this, After intensive contract negotiations, we managed to tie Kim Naidzinavicius to one of the best German backroom players for at least two years. With it, our game will become even more unpredictable for every opponent in the future,”said Sports Director Gerit Winnenund.

Naidzinavicius had been a member of the German Handball Association in Denmark last year at the World Cup, where the team fought against the later World Champion of Norway in the Eighth Final.

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