Sideshow against Kovac: Funkel distributes

After FC Bavaria lost Munich to TSG Hoffenheim before the country break with 1:2, FC Augsburg won the second consecutive championship on Saturday with the 2:2. Especially a coach of the competition is now openly speaking out against the Munich people.

“In the last two years it is definitely no longer true with Bavaria,” Friedhelm Funkel judges against “picture”. The coach of Fortuna Dusseldorf criticizes above all the defensive behaviour of the record master.

“Why did the 2013 get three titles? Because Ribbery and seals worked together defensively. It’s the only way to “everyone has to participate,” the 65-year-old weathers. And then, “You’re getting way too many counters. As Jupp [Heynckes, Anm. d. Red.] since there was still trainers, they only collected 17-opponents in the whole season, now it is ten. You can only achieve your goals with a good defensive.”

A clearer side move towards Niko Kovac, who has been training FC Bavaria for two years.

In fact, the defensive of the series master is currently unusually shaky. In the last four obligatory games, the Bavarians each collected two opposing goals. Only three out of twelve seasonal games ended without a match.

There is little hope, moreover, that with Niklas Soule the number one in the internal defense will be long lost with a cross-band drawing.