Sieg in Stuttgart: Berlin may rejoice again

The Berlin foxes have returned to the track of success. The EHF Cup winner, after two consecutive defeats at Upgrader TVB Stuttgart, clearly won with 32:24 (15:11) and improved with 23:15 points to rank six. strong>

The Berlin foxes were light-awake from the beginning with a compact defense. While the TVB only recorded the first successful blocks after five minutes, the guests had already achieved a 2:4. The clearly favored and focused club world champion was able to convince in the fast switching game.

The TVB, where Kasper Kisum played for the injured Michael Schweikardt, had completely ruined the start, seemed harmless. Thomas King took his first break after fifteen minutes. But the coach could not solve the knot at Dominik White, who had only scored one hit from the first seven dice.

After the 23rd minute the landlords then picked up from 6:12 to 11:15. Erlingur Richardsson had switched to the wings, Thomas King had two runners and Berlin did not move as convincingly as before.

The beginning of the second half of the game resembled that of the first. Bittenfeld once again seemed to be beside the track, while the foxes came out of the cabin with fresh strength. Drago Vukovic took care of the 11:17 with his fifth hit after two minutes. After six minutes the advance was seven goals again and after nine minutes Tonnes conquered at 14:22 the eight-goal advance from the 21st minute of the game. By a good setting in the last quarter hour the TVB could then at least win back the eight-goal advance from the 21st minute of the game. avert a higher defeat. The duel ended 24:32.

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