Significantly fewer home victories in the Bundesliga

Since the two-month break in Corona, home victories in the Federal Football League have become statistically significantly less rare.

Had only 27,4 percent of the teams won their home games in the highest German game class before the Pandemic-induced break 43,3 percent of the teams won their home games in mid-May the teams.

Because of the virus the Bundesliga has continued its game operation without spectators.

The difference between pre- and post-Corona breaks can also be measured at the achieved goals. All in all, 488 Heimgates and 460 outdoor stores were achieved in the current Bundesliga season.

While in the phase with the audience before the break there was a clear advantage for the home gate (391) compared to the outdoor gates (337), Since the start of the game, the teams (123) have been shooting more goals than the respective home teams (97).

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