Still no new club: This is how Gods use their free time

Since the beginning of July Mario has been a god without a new club. But the former professional from Borussia Dortmund, who is determined to stay in Europe, does not leave the waiting time unused for a new challenge after the BVB’s end.

According to a report from “Bild” Goeze works twice a day to stay fit. For this he has a personal coach by his side, who he has been putting on for years.

Young-Sun Cho is the 37-year-old and comes from Nuremberg, was recently flown in again and again especially for private sessions to Dortmund, even on vacation, so the leaf.

While idols try to stay in shape, his adviser Reza Fazeli is looking for a new employer in Spain, Italy and France. Important for the Gods according to information from “Image”: Corona risk areas are taboo for the young family around son Rome and wife Ann-Kathrin.

A change to the USA, however, did not last exclude idols for this reason alone. Inter Miami, David Beckham’s club, had made him an offer that would have included seven million euro salary. But the offensive man wants to prove himself further in Europe.

There would be the co-ported interest of AS Monaco (with new coach Niko Kovac) and AS Rom e for the former BVB star certainly not uneven, but in recent days and weeks it has become rather quiet about idols.