Strong hiding with battle announcement to Mercedes

At the training event in Shanghai, Red Bull was clearly the third force behind Mercedes and Ferrari, but is the team better positioned than it looks?

While the top four was only a hair away from a 10th-grade paper, Max Hiding 0341 seconds to Lewis Hamilton’s best time, was missing from Daniel Ricciardo, “There was something about the turbo at the recruitment,” says Red Bull’s motor sports consultant Helmut Marko, the “Aussie”, who also complained about a long brake pedal, free of all guilt. “The only person who became only niner was the entire 1075 seconds.

There was something about the turbo at the recruitment,” says Red Bull’s motor sports consultant Helmut Marko, “Aussie, who also complained about a long brake pedal.” He didn’t have full power. And there Red Bull was full with the music.

“The long runs were very good –especially in the case of congestion,” Marko is encouraged. If the temperatures stay that way, we look quite good here.”In fact, Ricciardo came at a cut of 1:39.157.

This is a thousand 82 seconds slower than Lewis Hamilton, but at 0055 seconds faster than Valtteri Bottas. Sebastian Vettel was on average half a second slower.

Ultrasoft-Longruns: Red Bull in full at the music

As congestion is addressed on the strong Ricciardo-Longrun, the Youngster says: “You should look at mine. It was a very good one.”It actually went even better with constipation: he got to an ultra-oft cut of 1:39.095.

With average 0020 seconds lag he got to Hamilton the next. In the long runs on soft tires, however, the Red Bull pilots lost more time on the British in the Mercedes: in the case of congestion, there were six tenths on average, in Ricciardo over eight tenths p er lap.

“On soft and medium, however, we are more competitive than with the Ultrasoft,” Ricciardo surprises with his statement. When he is confronted with the fact that the Longrun pace on the softest tyres has been quite decent, he says, “Yes, but we always want a little more. If we’re as strong as Mercedes, that’s fine, but it’s not enough. Nevertheless, our longruns are more competitive.”

catching up needs before qualifying

The problem zone at Red Bull is obviously the qualifying pace in China. Marko calls for “something more to be found during the vote.” On a round we could be a little faster,”also finds understandings. The balance is not yet perfect.”

Even if Red Bull gets the qualifying vote, it will be difficult for the team: because unlike Mercedes and Ferrari, the Renault drive has no qualifying mode, which is probably why one will not be able to keep up with the rivals.

Do understand therefore with the starting points five and six? “The first two are the starting points? Well, we will try to stay ahead,”he says, in spite of the difficult initial situation. It is quite possible that Red Bull will play poker again in qualifying and bet in Q2 on the soft tires instead of on the unpopular Ultrasoft tires, which must then also be used as a starting set.

“It is no secret that some people plan to qualify, because the soft one is not a bad tire here,” Ricciardo knows. ” The ultrasound doesn’t seem to last long.”Even on one lap, Red Bull has problems with the softest mix. I had the feeling that I had already killed the tyres after the first sector,”Ricciardo reveals. After the first three or four curves, not much has come.”

Capture rotation and spark flight

Also optically the Red Bull always seemed restless in outdoor training. In the first session, Verstappen recorded a ride in the finish curve, where he almost thundered into the wall. The incident reminded him of his driving errors in the Melbourne race and the Bahrain qualifying.

“The tyres were not really ready yet,” he points to the temperature. Between sessions, however, the engine settings were changed: “Then it went very well. We are not far away.”What is more, the RB14 kept setting up, which ensured a regular spark flight.

Is the ground distance at Red Bull set too low?” It is true that we drove very low today,”Ricciardo admits. I felt it in my butt, and I saw the sparks on the straight. The man from Perth, however, sees a positive side effect: “Did it at least look good?”