Survey: This is how fans evaluate the salary ratio of the stars

Germany’s largest representative sports survey portal “has asked fans of BVB, FC Bavaria, Schalke 04 and Co. how they assess the situation of the Bundesliga and the clubs in the Corona crisis.

The participants commented among other things on the topics”Patience vs. Action”, “Ensuring the existence of the clubs” and “advocating ghost games”.

Entire 85,8 percent of respondents voted for more patience with regard to the continuation of the game in the Bundesliga. Two-thirds (66,6 percent) do not worry about the existence of their club, despite the forced break in the Upper House. 98,9 percent found this to be correct. The donations of the national team over two,5 million euros were well received by all 98,6 percent of the participants.

Also the possibility of the continuation of the federal league with the exclusion of the public supported almost two thirds (68,3 percent) of the respondents, so that their association supported revenues, e.g. through TV money, can generate.

On the survey, the 19. to 21. In March, 4970 people participated.