Tedesco-Aus: Schneider explains sudden reversals

Since the end of February Jochen Schneider has been in charge of sports at FC Schalke 04. Shortly afterwards, with the release of Domenico Tedesco, he made his first difficult decision. Now he justified the change on the coach bench.

The new strong man on Schalke had not put Tedesco at the door in spite of bitter defeats at first. After all, S04 lost at home against Fortuna Dusseldorf with 0:4 and a week later at Werder Bremen with 2:4.

Also immediately after the 0:7 gossip at Manchester City, the Sports Board held on to Tedesco for the time being. The 33-year-old should also watch the game against RB Leipzig. The requirement: The team should create a “trend change”, Tedesco has another chance for this. Only on the results the Schalke trainer was not measured.

One day later Schneider decided to drop Tedesco as a trainer and hire Huub Stevens as an interim trainer.” We have on Wednesday of last week (one day after the game at ManCity, Anm. d. Red.) spoken to each other. And I told him, “We’re going to the Leipzig game with you.” It stays that way. That is why Tedesco also led the training the next day,”Schneider said in the”Sports Image”:”One day later I decided otherwise.”

The reason for the reversal:”The overall mood was so depressed on Thursday morning in all areas that I got the feeling that we must act immediately.”

Chemistry Between Schalke players and trainer tipped

Schneider asked Huub Stevens, who said “directly yes” and informed Tedesco of the decision. “The decision was taken by the team. Domenico and I had an absolutely fair and transparent exchange in the eighteen days we worked together on Schalke. Nevertheless, the separation had been “very painful.” that Schalke 04 has separated from Tedesco solely “due to the precarious situation of sports”: “One must not look at the past almost three weeks since I have been there in isolation, but has to see the trend throughout the season.”

On the one hand, S04 was only able to win a Bundesliga game in the new calendar year (2:1 against VfL Wolfsburg).” The other was that something must have been lost between the team and the trainer team in the quarter-year since the vice-championship.”

Schneider justifies Bentaleb transfer to the U23

Meanwhile, the Schalker Sports Board sees his team in an acute downward danger.” The situation is very threatening. The dangerous thing is when outsiders think that Schalke is too big to get off. The Schwaben, where Schneider was employed until 2015, had to start the race in second class after 39 years.

“That is why we have made it clear to the team how precarious the situation is,” Schneider continued. After 26 game days, Schalke is ranked 15th in the table and has only three meters ahead in the release field 16. From the last eight league games there was not a single victory and only two points.

The new course on Schalke had been last felt by the injured midfielder Nabil Bentaleb, who had missed inexcusably in the game against Leipzig. In fact, the Algerian should have supported his team from the gallery.

“I have no understanding that this is happening in such a precarious situation for us,” says Schneider clearly: “We must all march in the same direction, Bentaleb was first transferred to the U23 team.